The Rural Entreprenuer Stream will allow the Brooks Newell Region to offer permanent residency to entrepreneurs who want to start a new business or purchase/invest in an existing business. This will help expand our local economy and assist with succession planning for the small businesses our Region relies on.


If you are interested in starting up a new business or investing in a business that is already in operation, the Rural Entrepreneur program may be the proper fit for you. To view the steps necessary to apply to the Rural Entrepreneur Stream, click here.

Investor Eligibilty

Entrepreneurs who want to start a business or buy an existing business in the Brooks Newell Region can submit an Expression of Interest to the Rural Entrepreneur Stream. To find out whether you are eligible click here. Or you can use the self-assessment tool to find out if you meet the basic requirements. Begin Self-Assessment

Expression of Interest

Once you have determined whether you meet the eligibility criteria, you can provide an Expression of Interest (EOI) Once you have submitted your EOI, the AAIP will review your application and if necessary request a Business Application. LEARN MORE



Click here to review the current INVESTMENT opportunities that are available in the Brooks Newell Region.