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Brooks Newell Region economic development initiatives are overseen by a Joint Services Committee that is comprised of the chief elected officials of each of the municipalities in the region.

The Joint Services Committee recently developed a new strategic plan built around business retention and expansion, investment attraction and partnerships and collaboration. To view the strategic plan, click here.

City of Brooks staff members are responsible for coordinating the regional economic development efforts and implementing activities that have been approved through the budget that has been allocated for that purpose.

The municipal partners consists of the Town of Bassano, Villages of Duchess and Rosemary, City of Brooks and County of Newell.

Town of Bassano

Opportunity is abundant in Bassano. The town welcomes your business and is a progressive community of over 1,200 people. Situated on the western edge of the County of Newell on the Trans-Canada Highway and 50 km west of the City of Brooks, Bassano has always been an enterprising and growing community. It was the first RCMP centre in Canada for training canine units. The first flying doctor flew from Bassano and made history from then on. Today, Bassano offers commercial and industrial development opportunities, together with many recreational facilities and activities. Ample irrigation water and sunshine support highly productive food growing and livestock industries.

Bassano is home to one of the largest dams of its type, the 24 spillway gravity dam that provides Bow River water to local irrigation operations. The irrigation system also hosts fishing, boating, waterskiing, swimming and camping. Be sure to stop over at the Crawling Valley Reservoir north of town.

City of Brooks

With a population of over 14,900 and growing, Brooks is the major urban centre between Calgary and Medicine Hat and the second largest community in southeastern Alberta. 

Brooks is an "oasis" on the prairie. With Lake Newell Reservoir at its doorstep, this body of water serves as the primary water source for irrigation in the County of Newell as well as a major recreational feature for southeastern Alberta. Quality of life is a priority with recreation and parks throughout the City encouraging an active lifestyle, and a parks and trails system that provides leisure options for all ages. Brooks places an emphasis on programs and services aimed at children and youth, providing a health foundation for the next generation.

In Brooks, you will experience the dynamic atmosphere of one of the most diverse communities in Alberta and one of the youngest communities in Canada. Share in the enthusiasm of Brooks!

Village of Duchess

Duchess is a village of over 1,000 people in the heart of Alberta's ranch country and offers a wonderful rural lifestyle, great highway access and convenient location. Energetic residents give our community heart and soul.

The village is a great place to raise a family. Children won’t have to go far to school as Duchess School caters to children from kindergarten to 12.

Duchess is a short drive from Brooks and within two hours of Medicine Hat, Calgary and Lethbridge. Almost one-third of the population is made up of young people, but there is a strong history of European, American and Asian settlers.

Duchess is a small community with a big heart and that provides our residents with a sense of family.

County of Newell

The County of Newell, surrounding the City of Brooks, is home to over 7,500 people who reside on farms, acreages, rural residental subdivision and hamlets scattered throughout the area. Each hamlet has its own heritage and history waiting to be explored. The history ranges from the time of the dinosaurs at Dinosaur Provincial Park, to the coming of the pioneers and railroad construction, to the progressive advancements today in irrigation agriculture and the oil and gas industry. The County and its communities host numerous recreational facilities and activities such as golf courses, museums, campgrounds, and restaurants.

With over two thirds of the population under the age of 44 and an average age of 37, the economy in the region has seen rapid growth in recent years within its core economic bases of oil and gas exploration, manufacturing, wholesale trade, and agriculture.

Tourism is bolstered by the many opportunities for water activities, unique prairie scenery, hunting opportunities and western rodeo action. The County is home to Lake Newell, a large man-made reservoir that is Alberta's largest and warmest lake. Approximately 100,000 tourists visit Dinosaur Provincial Park to camp and experience the naturally occuring beauty.

Within the County’s boundaries are the City of Brooks, the Town of Bassano, the Village of Duchess, the Village of Rosemary, and the Hamlets of Tilley, Gem, Patricia, Lake Newell Resort, Rainier, Rolling Hills, and Scandia. 

Village of Rosemary

The Village of Rosemary is a small, family-friendly community of nearly 400 people located in the heart of the Eastern Irrigation District and the County of Newell. We pride ourselves on encouraging a safe, affordable community for all. People are our greatest asset and many willingly serve as volunteers to enhance and beautify the community.

A bedroom community with many in-town amenities for those seeking a rural lifestyle, Rosemary is family-oriented. The Village is a short drive from Brooks and within two hours of Medicine Hat, Calgary and Lethbridge. Almost one-third of the population is made up of young people, but there is a strong history of European, American and Japanese settlers.

Rosemary’s pride rests with its newly renovated school and a host of recreation opportunities including our spectacular Canada Day festivities, sponsored annually by the Rosemary Agricultural Society. Strengths in the oil and gas sector and the agriculture industry are augmented by encouraging locally-supported commercial growth.  Where the grain elevator and railway line used to sit, new homes are being built.