Jessica Surgenor

Jessica is the lead Economic Development Officer for the Brooks Region. She's friendly and her laid back empathetic nature makes her an easy person to do business with as she's able to meet the needs of investors and business owners. Born in the United States, she immigrated to Canada in 2000 to study in Lethbridge and moved to Brooks in 2004. Her husband was raised in Brooks and because they love the region, they have chosen to raise their three kids here. 

Lisa Tiffin

Lisa Tiffin is the master and supreme commander of the economic development team. Her formal title is Manager of Community Development which means that she wears many hats and can juggle a variety of tasks. Her outgoing personality and loud sense of humour make her a hit at most parties (and meetings for that matter). She's definitely a person who can make and take a joke which means she's open minded and ready to tackle any challenge tossed her way. An Ontario native, she's lived in the Brooks Region for over 10 years, is married and has two daughters under the age of four.

Nova Sekhon

Nova is also an Economic Development Officer for the Brooks Region and she is extremely outgoing and vibrant. She can carry a conversation with any stranger and has a very boisterous sense of humour. She is the youngest member of the team and she brings fresh, new and unique ideas. Her previous experience is in marketing and economic development and she moved to Brooks from beautiful Quesnel, BC. She initially intended to stay in the region for one year as she was a contracted position at the City of Brooks and chose to stay after she fell in love with the people of Brooks. 

Matt Hill

Matt Hill is the Business Advisor for Community Futures Entre-Corp and is the lone male of the team. He's also British. As a former teacher and business owner, he brings a depth of experience and knowledge when working with clients. He's rooted in politeness and pleasantries, but once you get to know him, you'll find he's quite comical and levelheaded. He's the newest member of the team and moved to Brooks with his wife and young son in 2017. Matt offers a fresh, positive perspective to the region and helps the team think outside of the box.

Amy Rommens

Amy's addition to our team goes over and above our economic development activities. She's the sprinkles on our sundae and completes our team. She brings that extra oomph our team is missing. Amy is the Manager of Administration with the City of Brooks and she's the only one in the group to have been born and raised in the region so she's got that added little bit of wisdom and insight we're all lacking. That wisdom doesn't mean she's been around 100 years... she's one of the youngest team members and brings a great perspective to the team. 

Who We Are

Check out some of the images taken around the region. This isn't just a great place to do's a great place to live also!