People Love Living Here.

People have been flocking to Alberta for years to capitalize on incredible job opportunities, the natural beauty, the attractive pace of life and the opportunities and resources for families. The Brooks Newell Region is no different – we’ve seen rapid population influxes throughout the years and periods of accelerated growth. And guess what? People that come to our region stay in our region; over 56% of residents in Brooks have lived here for longer than five years. They come here, they love it, and they stay.

Quality of Life.

Quality of Life assessments have been performed in 2013 and 2017 to track resident satisfaction. Although the results are what we would expect – we already know how great it is here – they’re worth bragging about. Below you'll find the Quality of Life Factor and other Overall Satisfaction Level. The community overall is 73.6% satisfied overall with life in the Brooks Newell Region.

Social Programs and Social Conditions  67.3%

Sense of Community 70.5%

Physical Environment 76%

Personal Well Being.

Overall Satisfaction: 79.7%

Crime is down over 21% over the past five years. Personal well-being and personal safety are some of the most important aspects of building a viable community and our Region has been working hard with the RCMP to tackle this issue. The City and County jointly fund a Safe Communities Facilitator to work with residents and police in crime reduction, prevention and proactive programming. And it’s working! From 2012-2016, domestic violence was down 30%, sexual assaults were down 43%, criminal harassment was down 60% and personal crime was down 38%.


Overall Satisfaction: 80%

The Brooks Newell Region is located within Alberta Health Services South Zone and has great access to health services. With 2 hospitals and 5 medical clinics, 86 per cent of residents have a family physician.

Hear from a local doctor describe why he loves working in Brooks:


Overall Satisfaction: 74.5%

Educational opportunities are important to the Brooks Newell Region. We are proudly home to the Medicine Hat College's Brooks Campus as well as five school districts, which gives residents the opportunity to choose the best options for their families. We have over five preschools and 2 English as a Second Language centres.