Energy Region.

The Brooks Newell Region continues to profit from the wealth of oil and gas resources in the area. Local businesses have also diversified through the downturn and have found innovative ways to operate and even grow.

Companies such as Interpipeline, Tarpon, Schlumberger, Sanjel Energy Services, Balance Energy, League Projects, Veriperm, Pronghorn, Savana Well Servicing, as well as many local entrepreneurs, operate out of the region, servicing oil and natural gas activities in Southern Alberta and beyond.

As a key industry and one of the largest sectors of the Brooks Newell Region's economy, the mining and oil and gas extraction industry is supported by a robust urban infrastructure, access to major transportation corridors (e.g. Hwy. 1 and Hwy. 36), and competitive tax and utility rates. The quality of business support offered by both the County and the City are important in supporting existing businesses as well as attracting new businesses to the area.

In 2016, 72 wells were drilled including natural gas, coal bed methane, crude oil, crude bitumen and other wells in the Brooks Newell Region. Due to the decline in the economy, this number was lower than previous years. However, 72 was an increase from the previous year's total of 64 wells in 2015.



Year  Oil Production (m3)
2013 1,123,350
2014 1,203,025
2015 1,126,986
2016 992,412
2017 1,028,859


Year  Natural Gas Production (m3)
2013 4.6 Billion
2014 4.3 Billion
2015 4 Billion
2016 3.9 Billion
2017 3.8 Billion