Electricity & Natural Gas.

Alberta's electricity and natural gas systems are owned and operated by a mix of investor and municipally owned companies. The price paid by consumers is determined by supply and demand with prices fluctuating on a monthly basis. Consumers have the option to enter into a contract to ensure price certainty.

Water Services.

Newell Regional Services Corp. (NRSC) was formed by partnership of all municipalities in the County of Newell to see the installation of regional water transmission main pipelines conveying potable water throughout the region. The upgrading and improvements to the Brooks Water Treatment Plant and installation of regional water pipelines is now complete. The City of Brooks, Town of Bassano, Villages of Duchess, Rosemary and the hamlets of the County of Newell will have equal access to potable water. This system is designed to reduce the escalating operating costs of smaller treatment facilities, reduce the number of capital cost improvements to see each of the smaller treatment systems upgraded to meet current legislations and regulations, as well as have the ability to use staff resources more effectively.

The City of Brooks charges for the following essential municipal services through bi-monthly utility rates. The rates cover the cost of sustainably delivering these services to residents:

• Water treatment & distribution;
• Waste water collection and treatment;
• Garbage collection and regional landfill services; and,
• Recycling collection and services provided through Newell Recycling Association.

Waste Management.

The City of Brooks oversees garbage collection as well as yard waste collection in the spring, summer and fall seasons. Commercial waste is collected at the request of each business and the cost reflects the amount of pickups required. Commercial businesses either rent or purchase their own bins.

The region's landfill site is owned and operated by the Newell Regional Solid Waste Management Authority (NRSWMA). NRSWMA was formed by a partnership of all municipalities in the County of Newell to see a central regional landfill facility developed. The facility is responsible for the safe and environmentally responsible collection of wastes for recycling or disposal, and charges may apply. For more information please visit the NRSWMA website at newellwastemanagement.com


The Brooks Newell Region is served by numerous wireless and wire line providers. Most service providers include high-speed digital network Internet speeds of up to 1 GBps along with competitive local telephone services to ensure businesses have access to the communications services they need.