Brooks Region Launches New Brand

BROOKS REGION (April 4, 2018) – A new brand for regional economic development, investment attraction and business retention was recently released. The Brooks Region brand launched at the Economic Developers of Alberta Conference where over 400 local, national and international experts in the field of economic development were in attendance.

The brand was developed to promote the diverse economic opportunities available across the Brooks Region. Formerly known as the Newell Regional Economic Development Initiative (NREDI), the Brooks Region extends across the County of Newell and includes the City of Brooks, Town of Bassano and the Villages of Duchess and Rosemary, as well as 10 smaller communities.

The Brooks Region offers many advantages for businesses, including attractive real estate costs, supportive and progressive municipal governments, convenient transportation networks, a lower cost of living, highly skilled and motivated local workers and an abundant access to water.

The new Brooks Region brand was created under the direction of a team with representation from across the County of Newell. The brand focuses on reinforcing values which are key to the Region.

Our Values Statement is:

The Brooks Region is founded on values guided by our history of blue-collar work and small-town life. We are industrious and independent, yet welcoming and helpful. We are resilient and dependable. We are true to our roots, and stewards of the gifts left to us by our predecessors.

“We are very excited to be launching this new brand,” says Brooks Region Economic Development Officer, Jessica Surgenor. “We’ve invested a substantial amount of time in developing this brand and our hope is that it will gain recognition with residents, businesses and investors.”

The Brooks Region’s economic development team will be continuing the launch through the creation of new social media accounts, paid advertising, speaking events and most importantly, a new website:

“We will also be hosting contests and interactive opportunities to encourage participation in the brand launch,” says Surgenor. “These approaches will include creative, fun and playful tactics that will emphasize the benefits of business and personal investment in the Brooks Region.”

For more information on the Brooks Region, please contact:

Jessica Surgenor
Brooks Region Economic Development Officer

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