Highly Specialized.

The manufacturing sector in the Brooks Newell Region is very productive and highly specialized. One of the larger productivity centers in Alberta, the manufacturing cluster provides employment for many labourers and is the largest single sector of the regional economy.

There are 67 businesses related to the manufacturing value chain operating in the region. This includes 14 food manufacturers, which also support the agri-food value chain. A possible opportunity exists in the value chain, with only one business in plastics manufacturing and two businesses in the transportation equipment manufacturing industry. These sub-industries are well connected to the oil and gas extraction industry, which plays a dominant role in the local economy.

The Metal Fabrication and Machining industry consists of fabricated metal products, agricultural and industrial machinery (oil and gas equipment), transportation equipment and manufactured homes. This is an emerging industry that contributes to the wealth of the area and complements the agri-business and oil and gas services activity. The manufacturing industry has a higher concentration in Brooks compared to nearby Strathmore and Medicine Hat.

Some of the top metal fabricators and machinery shops in the region include, but are not limited to: Brook Industrial Metals, Dapajo Construction Ltd., Skill Metal Fabricators Inc., and TCB Welding, Manufacturing & Fabrication.

The largest single employer in the Region is JBS Food Canada which employs over 2,800 team members and is a massive economic driver for the Region. There is nothing about this company, or the facility, located just west of Brooks in the County of Newell, that is not impressive. The facility processes over 1 million head of cattle per year, or 4,200 per day, with over 65% of the cattle coming from right here in Alberta. Their inputs include 3 million pounds of feed per day, most of which is grown right here in the Brooks Newell Region, which represents a unique opportunity for farmers as well as ranchers. JBS Canada supports services and industries such as janitorial, linens, skilled trades, technology, transportation and much more, making them a key player in our economy. It is estimated that their facility contributes $3 billion to the GDP and the Brooks Newell Region is very proud to have them.