Energy from Waste Feasibility Study

Brooks Region (formerly Newell) Energy from Waste Feasibility Study

The purpose of this study was to determine the feasibility of an Energy-From-Waste (EFW) Waste Management Processing Facility in the Brooks (Newell) Region that would serve the County of Newell, City of Brooks, Town of Bassano and the Villages of Duchess and Rosemary.  

The study was led by the Palliser Economic Partnership Ltd. and Newell Region Economic Development.

An EFW Waste Management Processing Facility would serve to attract external investment, along with associated industries, and create jobs in the region.  Such a facility would also provide generated heat / energy and marketable by-products to generate revenues.

In the eventuality that the results / recommendations of this feasibility study are affirmative to the development of infrastructure, regional benefits could include:

  • Investment in new infrastructure, either municipally or privately owned;
  • New EFW Waste Processing facility constructed in the region;
  • Waste heat/energy from new processing facility could be used to incent greenhouse, or other mutually beneficial operations on site; and,
  • Investment by CP Rail in rail spur line enhancements / extensions and a rail tie storage yard

Investment Attraction Study

The Brooks Region (formerly known as the Newell Region) completed an Investment Attraction study to build on previous economic development efforts and provide direction into sectors that the Region should continue to target.

MDB Insight was contracted to conduct the study and an economic base analysis for the Region’s municipalities was developed to provide insight into the current state of the economy. It showed that, in general terms, the Region’s agricultural economy has been successful over the last few years, in comparison with the rest of Alberta. Growth in the oil and gas and manufacturing sectors has slowed down, however, both remain strong economic drivers for the Region. One sector that is projected to grow in importance is tourism and hospitality, especially building off the Region’s provincial parks and recreational facility assets.

To access the full document, please click here.

Business Retention & Expansion Survey

Business Retention & Expansion Survey 2018

The Brooks Region's economic development team partnered with Community Futures Entre-Corp and the Brooks & District Chamber of Commerce in completing a Business Retention and Expansion (BRE) survey. In 2018, we focused specifically on the retail and food & beverage sector.

The first phase of the BRE survey focused on resident feedback and the second phase focused on business feedback. Our team collected 420 completed surveys from residents and 51 business surveys/interviews in the second phase. These interviews helped us identify, among other things, the business needs, concerns and opportunities in the region.

Highlights from Phase 1 and 2

Second Phase: Business Survey