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Expansion, Retention, Attraction

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As Economic Developers, we understand the challenges that communities like ours face when it comes to expanding and retaining businesses and attracting new investment.  Our work is to support businesses and identify new opportunities in the Brooks Newell Region.

We know that the most successful growth comes from within. The businesses that are local, have the experience and commitment to grow and with a little support are often the most prosperous organizations in the community. But sometimes the transition from one owner to the next is not easy or possible.  Succession planning to make sure viable operations stay in our region is key. Finally, like all businesses there needs to be a starting point. Investment attraction to start up a new business is an exciting piece of the puzzle when it comes to growing the business landscape.

With the implementation of the Rural Entrepreneur stream of the Alberta Advantage Immigration Program (AAIP), our team will be working with investors and entrepreneurs who want to expand their operations or move to our region. Either through investment in current businesses or starting up new ones. Let’s talk about what that means for our business community and the best way to take advantage of the possibilities!

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