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Marketing Makeovers available to Brooks Region Businesses

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New Opportunity for Brooks Region Businesses

A new opportunity was recently released for small businesses looking to improve their efforts at self-promotion to receive personalized instruction in marketing. This program is intended to foster the development of marketing skills among local business managers and owners to create long term sustainable businesses. Brooks Region economic development staff will work with individuals within participating businesses and perform marketing activities, identify target audiences, enhance online presence, create/edit social media accounts and teach necessary skills so that work may be carried on.

Marketing Makeover Program Overview

The Brooks Region economic development staff conducted a Business Retention and Expansion Survey in the Fall of 2018 and discovered that a number of local businesses, especially independently owned businesses, struggle with marketing.  As a result, the Marketing Makeover program is being offered to businesses located in the Brooks Region to build capacity and improve market access.

Program Participants

Up to five businesses located in the Brooks Region will be selected to participate in the program. These businesses will be selected based on (1) the identified need of the business, (2) the potential impact to the local economy, (3) the commitment from the business, and (4) the likelihood that activities will be carried on following the program.

Program Term

Activities will take place between June 17, 2019 and August 30, 2019. Beyond this term, it is expected that businesses continue marketing activities to maintain momentum.

 “We are very excited to be launching this program in a way that is accessible to local businesses,” says Brooks Region economic development intern, Myra Altwasser. “It is a fantastic opportunity as it offers a tailored approach that would usually only be offered by outside contractors, which can have a significant impact on a small business’ budget.”

Businesses that are interested in applying can find more details about the program on the Brooks Region website www.brooksregion.ca or by directly contacting Altwasser. Applications can be submitted by email or in person and are due by June 7.

“We will partner with owners and employees over the summer to develop their marketing skills and redefine the way in which they promote themselves,” says Altwasser. “Most businesses recognize the importance of advertising, but get overwhelmed by all the options out there. This program will help break down some of those barriers and make advertising more manageable.”

For more information on the Brooks Region Marketing Makeovers, please contact:

Myra Altwasser
Brooks Region Economic Development