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Bassano Family Dental

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Bassano Family Dental is a brand new dental office located in the heart of the Town of Bassano. Barely open a month, the office is located next to Town Hall and the new building replaces the former dental office that was lost to a fire. The new owner, Dr. Iaroslav Irodenko DDS (Dr. Russell) decided to build the new facility after recognizing the need for dental services in the community. Dr. Russell began by serving clients from the local Hutterite colonies, as well as Duchess, Gem and Bassano.

Dr. Russell travels from Calgary twice a week as he runs a dental practice there as well. He says he’s flexible with his travel schedule to Bassano as it depends upon the needs of the community. The dental office is recruiting for an associate dentist and a part time hygienist. As their clientele increases, they hope to increase their workforce. The clinic has enough room to accommodate two dentists and two hygienists. “It really depends on how quickly we grow,” said Sara Michael, who is a Registered Dental Assistant. Also in the office is Leticia Rideout who is a Registered Dental Hygienist and Melissa Wojtowicz who is a Registered Dental Assistant.

Dr. Russell says the community has been very welcoming and kind. “So far people are excited and so are we,” he says. As they just opened, they are working on building a website and have created a Facebook page: Bassano Family Dental (we encourage you to support them by liking their page!).

They can also be reached by calling 403-641-3120. To submit a resume via email, forward it to: dentalbassano@gmail.com