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Newell Integrated Child Care

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Newell Integrated Child Care has been a non-profit organization for 40 years in the Brooks Region. Their main purpose is to provide quality care for children, which they believe means caring for their families as well.

The centre boasts a huge outdoor play area and maintain smaller group sizes, to ensure that each and every child receives one-on-one interactions daily.

Decisions are made by a board of community members whose children attend the daycare, which gives parents the ability to be involved in their children’s routine even while they are at work.

Meals are homemade and served family-style so parents can be confident that their children have healthy options. The daycare opens at 6 am and closes at 6 pm to accommodate busy parents’ schedules.

With the lowest rates in town, Newell integrated Childcare is an inclusive centre with multilingual staff so that kids of all backgrounds can feel comfortable. They are currently accepting new additions and are looking forwards to expanding the NICC family!