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Palsma Dairies Ltd.

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Farmer Rients Palsma immigrated to Canada from Holland in '89 with his wife and three kids. He was an agricultural teacher in Holland but moved to Canada for the farming opportunities.

He worked for farmers for the first few years to raise money, then in '91 he rented a dairy farm in Delburne and bought 25 cows. Awaiting his first pay cheque, his family survived off just milk for a week. A few years into the business, he quickly realized that the business wasn’t doing well. The plan was to sell the cows and move back to Holland, until his kids urged him to stay. So, he gave it another shot!

He moved his family to Ponoka in '94 and bought a farm. Palsma Dairies Ltd. has been slowly expanding since. In 2012 Rients and his wife moved to Duchess to expand the business with their daughter. They are now fully automated with milk robots and 150 cows!