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Pampered Pooch Salon

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When your pet is part of the family, you want to make sure they get the best possible treatment, especially when doing something stressful like getting groomed. Kassy Hopkins, owner of Pampered Pooch Salon, knows the importance of creating a stress-free, relaxing environment for pets.

Pampered Pooch has been open for less than a year but word is spreading fast. Kassy offers services such as pick-up and drop-off for her senior clients, plus commits to only working on one dog at a time to eliminate overlap and give her full attention to the animal. She has worked on dogs from 15 pounds to 150 pounds and even helps with abandoned, neglected or stray animals that need extra patience. Clients at Pampered Pooch come from all over the Brooks Region including Rosemary, Tilley and Bassano.

Kassy has been grooming dogs for several years but decided to strike out on her own in February 2021. What began as a hobby, grooming dogs for friends and family, quickly turned into a full-time grooming salon due to such a high demand for service. The business is currently run out of the garage at her home which helps her balance the demands of work and life while still being there for her two young daughters. Not afraid of hard work, Kassy is pushing to expand her business in a way that makes sense for her and her family, and she hopes to be in her own building one day. A recent grant from the Brooks Region’s NewGrow program will be providing some new equipment which will help her become more efficient and serve even more clients.

“My business is all about the dogs,” she says. “It takes passion, patience and love to make a grooming experience stress free.” And according to the rave reviews from her clients, she’s got endless passion, patience and love for pets!